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China's hardware tool industry to expand the

Time:2015-9-28 17:21:12  From:Xin Li hardware tools

In the past half a century, the Chinese tool industry has experienced a long period of glory: rapid development, product selling, good efficiency, become the leader in the machinery industry.
However, into the era of reform and opening up, the tool industry did not see our results in a relatively closed environment of innovation has great limitations. In particular, the contemporary sweeping the world's technological revolution, the traditional manufacturing industry, including the industry has brought tremendous impact and pressure, resulting in the industry structure adjustment slow hardware, the overall service level is stagnant, and the gap between the modern manufacturing industry's demand for the tool industry, resulting in the end of the tool industry into today's predicament.
Hardware tool number ranks first in the world
Planned economy era, all walks of life in the development of a number of expansion of the trend, but the tool industry is more prominent. To the end of the 80's, the tool industry more than 100 key enterprises and key enterprises, the basic team, has formed an annual output of high-speed steel cutting tool 300000000, measuring about 10000000 pieces of capacity, the number of the world's first.
And at the same time, our neighbor's tool manufacturing power in Japan, high-speed steel cutting tool production reached only 120000000 of the highest record in history, since the manufacturing upgrade, the standard tool demand reduction, production gradually dropped to 90000000 levels.
China's manufacturing scale is less than Japan, but the production of the tool is 3 times in Japan, it has apparently reached a dangerous area of excessive expansion.
Volume expansion impact export market
In the last 5 years, the price of the tool has repeatedly cut. Some companies even down 40%-50%, the national sales volume has reached only about 200000000, the production of excess culprit.
Even more serious is that in the late 80's, due to optimistic about the market outlook, China's tool backbone enterprises not only their own continuous expansion, but also cultivate a large number of joint venture to increase production capacity.
Later, the majority of these joint ventures from mother plant to develop independently, and some employees of state-owned enterprises itself "the sea" and set up factories, constitute China's first batch of tools, private, township enterprises.
These enterprises in the mechanism is more flexible, nor the existence of all sorts of historical burden of state-owned enterprises, would have been likely to become a new force in the reform and development of tool industry.
But unfortunately, due to restrictions by the talent, technology, equipment and management level that concept, the majority of these enterprises is still a quantity expansion of the old, and intensified, in a short period of 10 years, the total soared to 10 million, of species concentrated in twist drill, building drill, woodworking tool sets, caliper and low-grade products.
Although a large number, but sales accounted for only about 30% of the total domestic market. Although the brand and quality of the reasons, these products are not in the domestic and foreign tools to enter the formal manufacturing system, but in our country's tool export market has caused a great impact.
Industry strategic development failures lead to market structural weakness
Hardware tools industry in the development of the second major mistakes, is the scientific and technological revolution and the international manufacturing industry's big transformation, greatly improve the wave of slow reaction. Did not seize the opportunity, in a timely manner to improve the structure of our tool products and services.
The overall level of China's tool industry and the gap between foreign countries in the reform and opening up 20 years after today, is not reduced but increased, this is the grim fact that we have to face.
We know that the western developed countries in the twentieth Century 60-70, has completed the "post industrialization development phase", the 80's began, gradually into the development of information, biology, new energy and new materials and other high-tech industry as the representative of the knowledge economy or the new economy era, a new technology to transform the traditional industry.
Information technology, automatic technology, modern control and management technology, is rapidly and widely used, so that the level of mechanical products and services to a new level.
In this major change, the mechanical industry on its main means of processing tool products, put forward an unprecedented high standard requirements. To sum up, is of high precision, high efficiency, high reliability and specialization, the so-

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